About Us

Since 1909

Brent Park Store began in 1909 as a general store and, after changing hands many times, became a German deli in 1961. Owned by the Willmann family for over 50 years, they packed the little store to the ceiling with specialty items to serve the German community.

The store changed hands again in 2014. Paul Trevisanutto kept the charming old world feel alive with all the imported delicacies from Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, and Hungary. He also opened the door to the many local items offered here in the Lakehead.

In 2020 Brent Park Store left its cozy place on Brent St. and moved to a more visible location to serve you better. Now on High St. North at Van Norman, this family run business is still committed to bringing you delicious quality products and excellent customer service. All part of the traditions that we’ve maintained for generations.

Guten Appetit!


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